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“100% Reliable and Totally Trustworthy”

“Theresa and Vicky from Wet Nose Walkies have been walking my cocker spaniel, Poppy, regularly for over five years. Poppy is always excited to see them and goes joyfully off on her walks, coming back happy and exhausted (which is the idea!) I have found them to be 100% reliable and totally trustworthy as well as very knowledgeable with regards to behaviour. So much so, that I would say Poppy’s behaviour on walks has improved as a result of joining in the group walks with Wet Nose Walkies. She’s now very happy and confident around other dogs and her recall is also better than before.”

Marta From Guildford

"Our sweet black Labrador Retriever, Melvin, was born on 5th September 2008 and we brought him home at the end of October 2008. I soon started to take him to weekly puppy training classes, and our trainer recommended Wet Nose Walkies to us. Theresa, Vicky, and Martin walk him most days -Monday to Friday. They are some of the kindest, most genuinely caring and trustworthy people we have been lucky to come across. They have

supported us through good and bad times, and they have become part of our extended family. When Melvin is with them, we have no doubt that they take care of him as if he was their own, and he awaits his daily long walk -in the countryside, with all the other dogs- eagerly every morning."


"Vicky and Theresa at Wet Nose Walkies are fabulous. I have used them for years now and they are completely reliable, honest and trustworthy. I have used other dog walkers and daycare, and have always encountered a problem at some point, from missed or short walks down to just something not feeling right. Over all the years this had never, ever happened with Wet Nose Walkies. Vicky and Theresa have been absolutely brilliant with my latest arrival who is very people shy; they did everything I asked and were so patient, and she now trusts them because of all that hard work. I cannot recommend Wet Nose Walkies highly enough. Unlike many dog walkers these days who are all over social media getting involved in rants or arguments, Vicky and Theresa just quietly and sensibly get on with doing a brilliant job."

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